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Indoor Plants

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I currently only have one indoor plant.  Eventually I hope to have more, and have had more in the past, but too many moves and now I’m just happy to have one again.

I can’t remember if it was February or March, but we bought an African violet at the supermarket.

I can’t be 100% certain, but I think this is only the second plant I have bought at a supermarket in my entire not that short life.

I made the exception in this case because the last time I wanted to buy an indoor plant (not at the supermarket), we didn’t have the funds.  I’d also been planning to get an African violet because my dad’s mom always had one as long as I knew her, and I wanted that connection.

Upon bringing it home, I immediately put it in the NE most room of the house on the first floor, the parlor, right on top of the piano.  I promptly forget about it.

Lately, aside from a quick pass though to check mail, we rarely have reason to be in there.  Being that I haven’t had an indoor plant in ages, I completely forgot to water it.

Thankfully, only the flowers died.  I pinched their stems back and have been minding it better since then.  Still waiting for new flowers, not sure if the spot it’s in is enough light.  I’m going to give it until the end of the month before trying to bribe it with food or scaring it with shock to get it to flower.

I did find out that a freebMy beautiful pictureie fat separator works great for watering a violet, though.  I’m not happy that it’s plastic, but it’s just another thing the family moving out next door was going to throw out when they were downsizing.  Better used, than more still purposeful plastic sitting in a dump. I’m going to keep using it until I can find better for the violet. Then I can Craig’s List the separator.

It is getting harder to find non plastic watering cans in general–in particular ones that last.  Even the metal one I bought for outside last year is already rusting from poor quality.


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