Wild Seed Project in Maine

I forget how I stumbled upon their site, but recently I finally found a much closer source for sundial lupines (Lupinus perennis), which I have written about before.   The Wild Seed Project in Maine had sundial seeds available, which is more in line with our budget than buying plants in containers.  Nasami Farm is west of us here in Massachusetts and does have sundials, but only in one quart containers.  I’ll write more about Nasami Farm in future posts. Continue reading “Wild Seed Project in Maine”

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Why latin plant names matter #1, lupine

There is ongoing controversy as to what constitutes a “native” plant.  There are oodles of factors (wind, Pangaea, migration, et al.) that can go into the determination of such, which I will not get into here in length nor detail because the same info can be found elsewhere.

Having said that, instead I am hoping that this will be the first in a series where I highlight a given plant that can be found in the U.S.A., and how I came to find out if it was a good choice or not for my aim to foster habitat that will encourage and support local wildlife to visit our yard. Continue reading “Why latin plant names matter #1, lupine”