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Encouraging beneficial insects

Looking at it always makes me think of box kites.
A common whitetail or long-tailed skimmer (Plathemis lydia) in our backyard, one of many dragonflies that oft visited us last year.

I forget when I found this book, but I have a copy of Good Bugs for Your Garden [Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1995], written by Allison Mia Starcher.

It has lovely illustrations, and contains downright sensible and needed information for those who want to at least lower their reliance on chemical pesticides even if they are not willing to go full out organic with pest control.

It’s also a small, almost pocket sized book.  Easy to tuck into a backpack, tote or handbag.  Also one that won’t take up much space if you are the sort to keep reading materials in your bathroom.
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